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Matters needing attention in the post-oxidation process of aluminum profiles

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Matters needing attention in the post-oxidation process of aluminum profiles

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Four points to note in the post-oxidation process of aluminum profiles:

(1) Hot water rinse. The hot water wash is intended to be an aging film. However, the temperature of the water must be strictly controlled. When the water temperature is too high, the film layer is thinned and the color is lightened. Industrial aluminum profiles are treated for too long, and the above-mentioned similar problems are also encountered. The suitable temperature and timing are: 0.5 to 1 MIN at a temperature of 40 to 50 °C.

(2) boring. It is better to dry and dry naturally. The workpiece filled with hot water is slanted on the shelf, so that the free water on the outside of the work can be smashed in the straight direction. The water droplets flowing to the lower corner are sucked with a towel, and the color of the film dried by this method is not affected and appears natural.

(3) Aging. The aluminum aging method can be determined according to the climatic conditions. In the summer with sunlight, it can be exposed to sunlight, and it can be baked in the rainy or winter. The process conditions are: temperature 40~50°C for 10-15min.

(4) Rework of unqualified parts. Unqualified conductive oxide film parts should be picked out before the boring and aging process. Because of the boring and aging, the film layer is difficult to remove and will affect the roughness of the workpiece surface. This problem has been explored in the process of walking. After various experiments, it is found that the following methods are effective, the method is simple, and the quality of the workpiece is not affected. The detailed process is as follows. Firstly, the unqualified workpiece is clamped on the fixture for aluminum anodizing, and then anodized according to the anodizing method of aluminum in sulfuric acid solution for 2 to 3 minutes. After the film layer is soft and peeled off, it is slightly cleaned by alkali solution and nitric acid. After the light is emitted, the conductive anodization can be performed from the beginning.